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Star Wars Black Series George Lucas in Stormtrooper Disguise.

Earlier this week Hasbro gave us a surprise reveal for the Star Wars Black Series line and it is a figure of George Lucas dressed as a Stormtrooper. I know that there has been a number of George Lucas figures that have been made or the years and this is the first one that they have done for the Black Series line.

I think that this is the same body that they have used for the Han and Look in Stormtrooper disguise body that came out a few years ago. The only new parts seem to be the George Lucas head. I have to say it very much looks like him that’s for sure! It definitely looks like George from the mid-2000s till now. I am quite surprised that this isn’t a store exclusive of any kind and is available from all retailers now to pre-order and it will be released sometime next Spring.

It’s great that he comes on the retro card like some of the figures that they have released this year and next year. Here are the pictures from Hasbro:

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