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Star Wars Black Series European Exclusive Luke Skywalker (Skywalker Strikes) Reveal

The Force Is Strong With This One

Hasbro has officially released photos and details for the Luke Skywalker 6″ scale figure that has been floating around online from the past few days. They have confirmed that the figure, officially known as the Star Wars: The Black Series Luke Skywalker (Skywalker Strikes) Figure, will be a European Convention Exclusive at first.

With North American availability coming later in November. The figure feature Luke Skywalker in his outfit from the end of A New Hope and which he wears throughout the recent Marvel Star Wars comic book run.

. The special packaging includes the cover from Star Wars #1 (2015), while Luke includes a helmet, a blaster, a Lightsaber, a remote training droid, and two artifacts from the home of Ben Kenobi. There is a version floating around that shows Luke wearing his medal from the Yavin Ceremony, but no word on where that variant will be available. Though that can possibly be released in the regular Star Wars Black Series line.

It will first be available during Berlin Comic-Con in Germany. The figure will then be available from select European Conventions including Paris Comic-Con, MCM London Comic-Con (which I’ll be attending), Lucca Comics & Games, Salon Manga Barcelona, and Madrid Comic-Con (in limited quantities, while supplies last). Then, on November 4th, the figure will be available in North America and Asia via select retailers (to be announced). Check out the official press release and images down below

Fans can imagine action-packed Star Wars scenes with this collectible 6-inch Luke Skywalker action figure and accessories. This Luke Skywalker figure in his Yavin Ceremony outfit features realistic design and detail inspired by the Star Wars comics. Multiple points of articulation make the figure highly poseable for play and display. Includes a Lightsaber, helmet, blaster, training remote, and more accessories. Limited quantities of this item may be available at other select conventions in South America, Australia, and Europe and online following the conventions. This item will also be available at select retailers in Asia and North America beginning November 4, 2019.

I have to say this is an absolutely fantastic looking figure and I have been waiting to see characters and costumes from the recent comics to pop up in the line for ages! I am so stoked for this figure as you can use it for both your A New Hope display or your Marvel Star Wars display too!

The inclusion of accessories from both A New Hope and the comics is fantastic and the face printing on Luke looks great too! I’ll definitely be looking to pick this up when I attend MCM Expo in London later this year!

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