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Star Wars Black Series Archive Fan Vote 2020

You get to choose the figures that appear in the Star Wars Black Series Archive Waves in 2021!

Earlier this month Hasbro did a fan poll of what figures fans would want to see in the Star Wars Black Series Archive line which will be returning next year as this year it’s on hiatus because it’s Empire Strikes Back’s 40th anniversary.

The initial poll was open to the international audience, hence I was able to vote, but now the final stage of voting is only available on Hasbro Pulse which is only open to audiences in the US and Canada. Though now Hasbro has revealed the results for the fan poll and these are the final figures that you can vote to appear in the Star Wars Black Series Archive line next year.

  • Princess Leia Organa (Boushh)
  • Clone Commander Cody
  • Ahsoka Tano
  • Jango Fett
  • Greedo
  • Jyn Erso
  • Qui-Gon Jinn
  • Princess Leia Organa (Huttslayer)
  • 501st Clone Trooper
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (ROTS)

The figures that have actor likenesses will utilize the face printing tech that Hasbro has been using for the last few years in The Black Series line. I have to say I am very excited at this prospect because some of the figures had pretty poor paint jobs such as the Revenge of The Sith Obi-Wan Kenobi and Huttslayer Leia or near nigh hard to find at retail such as Commander Cody, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ashoka Tano and Boushh Leia who I never saw on store shelves at all.

Now that Hasbro is utilizing flesh tone plastic for their Black Series figures I think they would need to cast a new body for Huttslayer Leia as the painted plastic doesn’t really hold up now. Though If Huttslayer Leia doesn’t appear in the Archive line I’m sure she’ll appear in the main series and I am glad that they can re-release Slave Leia by giving her a new name as that figure really does need to be updated.

It’s nice to see they may revisit the Rogue One figures as they came out a year or so before Hasbro started using the face printing tech and they missed that boat completely. Personally I would love to see them updated and if they could re-release the Scarif Trooper and the Death Trooper again that would be great as I missed out on those and they were rather hard to find.

I should mention that the Black Series Rebels Ashoka Tano has just recently popped up on Gamestop’s store system along with the other Black Series Rebels figures in a wave. Though at this time we don’t know when they’ll be released at this point, I am sure Hasbro will announce it at some point in the near future.

I personally think it’s fantastic that Hasbro is re-releasing sought after figures in the Archive line as some of them were incredibly difficult to find at retail due to spotty distribution and go for crazy money on the secondary market. As I personally missed out on most of these figures and I have a lot of gaps in my collection to fill and if some of these figures don’t appear in the Archive line you can be sure they’ll release all these figures sometime down the line.

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