Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch R2D2 Figure Review

R2D2 may be one of the most recognizable faces from Star Wars, but does that mean that this figure is a must have? Our first look at the SWB 6 inch Sandtrooper was quite impressive, so let’s do a full Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch R2D2 Figure Review and see if R2D2 passes the test.


The packaging is the same standard, black box style packaging that the other 6 inch Star Wars Black Series figures are going to be coming in. It’s really nice because if you want to put the figure back in the box you can without damaging the box at all.

The front of the box shows a head shot of R2D2 as well as his name along the bottom. The window on the box allows you to get a good view of the figure if you wanted to inspect it before you bought it in the store.

The figure does appear to be quite a bit smaller in the packaging, not taking up near as much room as the Sandtrooper did.

The back of the packaging features a black and white image of R2D2 and Princess Leia, along with some text:

R2-D2 is a plucky and loyal astromech droid that takes part in many of the momentous events in the galaxy.

“Beep BEYoop whyEET bip beep boop!”


The R2D2 sculpt is a brand new sculpt. It has 2 opening panels on the front of his body with a data link and claw arm. They both seem to function pretty well, it’s just a little bit hard to get the arms out of the panels at first.

If you spin R2D2’s head around his center leg will move up and down. I don’t even want to go into how long I spent trying to figure this out. You’re welcome.

The bottom of R2D2’s feet feature some very small wheels, allowing him to glide along a hard surface pretty smoothly. He also features tons of very small sculpted details just like the Sandtrooper does. It’s nice to see a company that actually cares about the small details.

For accessories the Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch R2D2 Figure comes with 2 sets of leg panels (normal and flight rockets),  2 different sensors to stick into his head and a lightsaber hilt that you can also stick into his head. None of the accessories can be stored in R2D2’s head, which is a major downer and is reflected in the sculpt score.


The top half of this figure is pretty impressive to the eye, but I can’t quite say so much from below the head. The white is just unpainted white plastic, which really just makes the figure look cheap. I must say though, the head looks very good (considering one of the panels has a major scratch on it).


This figure features about 7 points of articulation. POA are at its foot pads, his shoulder region and his head. That’s really all you would expect to see on an R2D2 figure and it all works as you would expect. I really like that you can move the center leg up and down by spinning his head.


The Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch R2D2 Figure is definitely not the best figure in Wave 1, but it’s a figure that you pretty much HAVE to buy if you are going to be collecting this line. It’s really not worth the $20 price tag due to the size of the figure, but smaller figures always seem to cost the same at the standard figures in the line. You just have to buy it and get over it.


If you are interested in ordering the Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch R2D2 Figure then you can at the following locations:

Editors Note:

This product is sold out with most vendors with exception of Amazon. We suggest you try searching eBay.

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  1. i just can’t bring myself to buy R2. i’m not a completist or anything. so that helps. but, for 20 bucks? i just can’t do it.

    and of all the characters to start the line off with?!?!

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