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Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary ROTJ Deluxe Endor Rebel Trooper is up for pre-order now.

Finally last week Hasbro put up the hotly anticipated Deluxe Endor Rebel Trooper which they revealed earlier this year. I’m a big fan of the Hoth Rebel Trooper so I’ve really been looking forward to the Endor version for some time. I was rather disappointed when it was announced that he would be a deluxe figure when the Hoth one was just a regular release and he came with more accessories.

Despite that, I was looking forward to and waiting for the day when the figure would go up for pre-order. As I’m a massive fan of Return of The Jedi I have really wanted to get an Endor Rebel Trooper and he does look fantastic. I love the interchangeable face plates with a generic face and a Rebel Rex face. He looks very well-detailed and painted. I pre-ordered one and I do plan to get more but not at the retail price I’ll wait for a sale price in a number of months and pick up a few then.

The figure is scheduled to be here in a few weeks and I cannot wait to get it! I got mine from Star Action Figures as they are cheaper than elsewhere.

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