Star Ace Isn’t Just Harry Potter… How About Underworld and Hunger Games?

If you’ve never heard of Star Ace before, they are a sixth scale action figure manufacturer that is making some serious waves in the market. Recently, they have been working on a killer Harry Potter line, making many of the main characters and even a few variants. Unlike other companies in this space, they don’t charge you the full price for a costume variant, instead you can get the figure at a discounted price because some of the figure was already developed for the first release of said character. I admire what they are doing, and now with New York Comic-Con 2015 happening this weekend, they have announced a couple new licenses, including Underworld and Hunger Games.

Both the Selene and Katniss Everdeen 12-inch figures appear to be extremely high quality; I might even go as far to say that this is getting very close to Hot Toys quality. Sure, there is some paint and sculpt work that could be done to improve the figure, but overall these are impressive and far superior to other 12-inch figures on the market, of course, excluding Hot Toys.

Personally I’m not a big enough fan of any of these licenses that I would buy a 1/6th scale figure, but these new announcements have me excited about Star Ace and what they might pick up in the future.

Here’s some photos of what they had on display at NYCC:

By Nick Lenihan

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