Square Enix Play Arts Kai Rogues Gallery series Batman Joker action figure News

Square Enix Unveils Rogues Gallery Batman Joker Action Figure Mashup

Square Enix Expects the Batman Joker Action Figure to Be Ready in March 2o17

UPDATE: Joker Batman can now be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth for $199.99.

So, back at the end of July, Square Enix revealed the first action figure in the new line they were calling the “Rogues Gallery Series.” The concept is simple: they take BatmanĀ and mash him together with his most iconic villains. They launched the series with a Batman Two-Face action figure, which was creepy, and totally awesome. And now, they’ve revealed the second figure in the lineup, a Batman Joker action figure.

Details on the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Rogues Gallery Series Batman Joker Action Figure

How Tall Will the Figure Be?

The figure will be roughly 11.2 inches (28.5 cm) tall.

What Accessories Does the Figure Come With?

As with most Square / Play Arts Kai figures, the Batman Joker action figure is going to come with a bunch of cool accessories. First, it will have two interchangeable portraits, one sporting an open-mouthed Joker smile, and one featuring more of a grimacing expression. The figure will also have three sets of interchangeable for posing and to grip the various other accessories. And those would be a golden pistol, a “bang” flag that can be inserted into the barrel of the pistol, some playing cards with the iconic “Joker” card on top, a batarang, and a knife.

How Much is the Figure, and Where Can I Preorder One?

The figure will cost $199.99, and is currently available for pre-order on the official Square Enix website. It should be available at additional online retailers soon.

When Will the Figure Be Available?

The figure is expected to ship in March 2017.

Photos of the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Rogues Gallery Series Batman Joker Action Figure

After looking over the figures, I can’t decide which one is cooler. I think Two-Face Batman is a little scarier, but the Batman Joker action figure is definitely no slouch in that department.

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