Square Enix Releases More Images of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Play Arts Kai Action Figures

Advent Children is a Final Fantasy film that was released in 2005 and is now going to be getting a full line of Advent Children Play Arts Kai action figures. They’ll be releasing them next year and there will be Tifa, Barrett, Red XIII and Cloud. I personally haven’t seen the film, but I must say that these figures look mighty impressive.

The Red XII looks brilliant and is one of Cloud’s allies in the film. He looks like a very large lion type creature. I’ve never seen a Play Arts Kai animal before. The detail is exquisite, especially in his feet, hair and head. The paint job looks great and I love the variation of reds and browns in the fur; It really brings the figure to life.

I love the facial expression, as he looks very aggressive with his fangs bare and his brow low. The only accessories that he comes with movable eyes (like the Revoltech figures) and a stand so that you can get him in more dynamic poses.

Tifa is Cloud’s childhood friend and is one of the main protagonists of the film and the video games that she’s appeared in. She does not come with any weapons as she’s a fighter. Her costume consists of a sleeveless top beneath a sleeveless jacket. With some form of jacket tied round her waist with long shorts and boots with red ribbons round her biceps. It all looks very detailed, especially the boots and jacket around her waist.

The head sculpts looks great and very calm and relaxed. The alternate one has her looking slightly to the side. They are very well painted and the skin tone looks great. There’s a lovely matte finish to her.

She comes with a multitude of hands for various poses, like a pair of gloved fists, a pair of normal fists, gloved open hands and normal open hands. She also comes with a pair of hands with her putting gloves on, which can only be used in a specific pose. She’ll also come with a figure stand.

Barrett is another one of  Cloud’s allies. He’s a very militaristic looking character. He looks very imposing too with the facial expression. I really do dig it. He’s wearing some combat like boots, combat pants, netted vests and a sleeveless jacket. He also has a prosthetic metal arm, which looks fantastic and incredibly well detailed. The paint job also looks fantastic. He’s mostly given a matte finish except his skin tone and the metallic parts of his arm.

He’ll come with an interchangeable open palm metal hand, an open normal hand, metal fist and normal fist, along with a gun arm that would attach to the metal arm. They all look fantastic especially the gun, as it’s full of detail. I’ve just noticed that the metal parts on him have some dry brushing on them. He’ll also come with a figure stand and a small support arm, though I’m not sure what exactly it’ll be used for.

Cloud, who’s the main protagonist of Advent Children, looks incredible and is the one most people will want from these new releases. He’s wearing some boots under some flared pants with an intricate one sleeved long coat. With various straps around him to store his swords. The detail is absolutely incredible throughout the figure. It’s very well painted too and I can see some blue paint on his pants. The rest of paint on him is mostly black with some silver for the straps and the decorative buckles.

His facial expression looks calm, collected and stern with his spiky blonde hair covering his eyes. I really do love it. The skin tone is perfect too they have done an outstanding job on it. He comes with plenty of accessories. There are seven swords in all – two small scimitar swords,  three large katana swords and two large great swords. He’ll also come with a bare arm so you could give him a sleeveless look and three interchangeable hands to hold his accessories – two left hands and one right hand. He’ll also come with a stand and a support arm.

I’m not sure how many of the swords can be housed on his back but I’m guessing he’ll be able to house many of them. He looks to ample articulation to get him in a wide variety of poses.

At this point it’s unclear what type of articulation they are going to be sporting, but it’s very likely that they have the standard Play Arts Kai articulation that can be found on most figures released by Square Enix.

Red XII, Barrett and Tifa will be released in January and will cost $99 and Cloud will be released in March and will cost around $120. You can pre-order these figures off BBTS right now. If your a big Final Fantasy fan these figures will be a must have.





By Nick Lenihan

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