Sideshow Reveals The Amazing Spiderman Premium Format Figure

Sideshow have been revealing quite a few comic book based Premium Format Figures as of late. The Amazing Spiderman Premium Format Figure is the latest addition to that long, growing list.

As many of you may know The Amazing Spiderman is the classic look. This statue of Spiderman has captured him just moments away from certain doom as the Green Goblin’s pumpkin bombs go off beneath him. I have to say it looks exactly as if it’s been ripped from the comic book pages itself.

I really do like all the detail that they have put into this statue it looks simply incredible. The sculpt and paint look fantastic on Spiderman; They could have not done it better. I really love the red and blue on his costume and the muscle definition.

The piece he’s leaning on, which looks to be a crane of some sort, looks fantastic too. It really does look weathered and there’s some great paint variation. I really like the explosion and that you can see the bombs are just going off. They have put a lot of detail into them.

As with most Sideshow releases they pack in some exclusive extras if you buy it on Sideshow’s website. The exclusive statue will come with an interchangeable head and hand. The head has a take aim expression, as he’s squinting an eye. The hand is a thwiping hand as you can see some webbing coming out at the wrist. I have to say these are very well done and certainly make getting the exclusive version that much more worth it.

I should note that these (both regular and exclusive) are over 25 inches tall, weighs 20 pounds, will cost $469.99 and are currently available for pre-order here.

If you’re a fan of the web slinging wisecracking hero, and have the money, this is an absolute must have.

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By Bryan Stewart

Bryan first discovered an appreciation for action figures at an early age, setting up elaborate GI Joe ant hill attacks, complete with firework pyrotechnics. Due to the high injury rate for the Joes, replacements were a constant necessity.

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