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Sideshow Collectibles Reveals Imperial Astromech Droid R2Q5 Sixth Scale Figure

Sideshow have revealed another astromech droid for their Star Wars sixth scale line. The latest being a R2Q5 sixth scale figure who is basically the Imperial version of R2D2. HeĀ appeared in Star Wars: Return of The Jedi.

Q5 had a very important job aboard the Death Star as he managed its many weapons and security. Like all of Sideshow’s figures, the sculpt and paint is fantastic. It’s a great re-paint of the R2D2 figure they’ve released. I really like the bronze paint job.

This figure features retractable treads for each of the three legs. It also has articulated head, which has a great light up dome, and the panels on his body have hinges so you can open them.

If you’re a die-hard fan of Sideshow’s Star Wars line, this piece is a must have for your collection. It’ll be available in the fall of next year and you can pre-order it here.

Sideshow R2Q5 Droid Gallery


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