Sideshow Collectibles GI Joe Pit Command Center Review

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris, known as @drquest on Twitter, and I was the lucky winner of Action Figure Fury’s first contest, the Sideshow Collectibles GI Joe Pit Command Center. I was very excited when this large box arrived at my work.  I felt like the old man in A Christmas Story as my co-workers gathered around the box.  “What is it? A major award!”

Now, on to the review; I don’t have any of the 1/6 scale Joes from Sideshow, but I still really wanted this display for a few reasons.  One reason is I had the Hasbro Pit playset as a child of the eighties and loved playing with it. Two, I knew if I got this for free my wife could not complain about the price of my “toy”.

Now most reviews would use something common like a soda can to show you scale. Snore! I used the Funko Batman Robot SDCC exclusive version.  The first thing I noticed about the set were the monitors allowing light to make them “glow” but not too clear as to look like a window. Each console is a separate piece so you can set up the perfect display.  The paint is well done but it makes everything look used and run down. This is Joe HQ we are talking about. Do they have the same budget cutbacks as the rest of the military? I guess a shiny new look would also look odd.  I think you could even use just one of the consoles for a Cobra Viper display or just the platform for some kind of showdown scene.

My overall score for this set is a four out of five. I really like it and yes, it is my gateway drug to more Sideshow Collectibles in the future. It does have some drawbacks, mainly no weapons rack. Would it have increased the price of the set a lot to include a rifle rack?  Another complaint, and it is a small one, is, who would you display in this? When I think about G.I. Joe I think of them in action not standing around the base. Maybe I can get a Firefly figure and pose him setting a bomb. Even if you don’t have any Joes to display like me it can make a great Batcave.

I just want to say “Thank You Action Figure Fury” for the wonderful prize and for allowing me to write this review.

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UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this set.

If you are interested in buying the GI Joe Pit Command Center by Sideshow Collectables, click this link to: check if it’s available on eBay.

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