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SH Figuarts Captain Phasma Revealed by Bandai from ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Over the last few months Bandai has revealed a number of SH Figuarts Star Wars figures. Now they are just starting to release figures from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and one of their first is the character most sought after in action figure form: Captain Phasma.

I have to say I’m still looking for a Captain Phasma figure from Hasbro in their Star Wars Black Series line but I have say the Figuarts version blows that one well out the water. I haven’t got a SH Figuarts figure yet but I know they put a lot of effort into Phasma and it shows; she looks brilliant and incredibly well detailed. Her silver armor has the right level of sheen and wear to it. The paint is equally brilliant, giving her a realistic quality. The figure is cast in silver plastic.

I really love the cape too; it really does give her a regal look. It’s also made of soft vinyl so it doesn’t hinder her articulation and it looks fantastic. I’m not entirely sure how articulated she’ll be but I’m guessing she’ll be as articulated as most other of SH Figuarts are. I really like how it’s well hidden beneath her armor. Accessory wise she comes with her removable cape and her blaster rifle. From the pictures I can see that she also comes with multiple interchangeable hands which is all she really needs to be complete.

Unfortunately we’ll have to wait till February next to get her. Though she’ll cost around $45 and will be available to pre-order starting October 1st. If you’re a fan of the look of this character, I would say this is the definitive must have version of her for your collection.

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  1. Luv

    Yeah, this one looks better- less chubby, unlike the new troopers – and actually feminine. (Based on the generic Hasbro version, most people still think Phasma is a guy!) I like this.

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