NECA Reveals SDCC 2016 Exclusive TMNT Arcade Game Action Figures

You’ll Have To Hit the Con If You Want To Get Your Hands On these TMNT Arcade Game Action Figures

Although high-quality polystone resin statues and detailed action figures with hand-tailored costumes usually soak up all the glory when people imagine the truly great collectibles, sometimes a company releases something that is so cool and fun, it deserves a spot right alongside the big boys. Such is the case with NECA’s newest TMNT arcade game action figures, based on the classic arcade game developed by Konami in 1989. The game was one of a handful that set the standard for side scrolling beat-em-ups, and it definitely deserves some love.

The figures will be released in two box sets. The first is the Turtles Box Set, featuring the fearsome foursome, and the second is the Foot Clan Box Set, featuring Shredder and three . Both the turtles and the foot clan members will be 6 inches tall (~15 cm) and feature over 30 points of articulation. This will allow you to recreate scenes from the game itself by positioning the turtles and their enemies in any way you desire.

The packaging is very display friendly, featuring an open window and fold down flap that resembles an arcade control surface.

Both of the box sets are filled with accessories, including the turtles’ iconic weapons, interchangeable hands, pizzas, an oversized hammer, rifles, dynamite, and many, many more items. The paint job on the figures is great, as they aimed to recreate the pixel style that was seen in the game.

However, if you want to get your hands on these TMNT arcade game action figures, you’re going to need to do some traveling. These two box sets will be sold exclusively at the San Diego Comic-Con, due to licensing rights. NECA reportedly is interested in offering the figures through their NECA club website but has not able to get permission to do so. Also, the figures will only be available in the sets, and not individually. There’s no word yet on how much they might cost, but if you’re going to the Con, make sure you swing by the NECA booth early to snag some of these sweet figures.

By Milan Cukic

Milan Cukic loves creative writing, is a comic book and action figure enthusiast, and considers himself to be an Ultra Star Wars / Elder Scrolls nerd.

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