SDCC 2014: Titan Merchandise Announces Doctor Who Exclusives

Titan Merchandise, the makers of cute Doctor Who vinyl figures, has announced that they will be heading to San Diego Comic-Con this year with a whole slew of Doctor Who Exclusives and debuts. During the show, attendees can stop by the Titan Merchandise booth #5537 to pick up all of their new merchandise.

Doctor Who TITANS 9″ Beast ($40): This brand new 9″ Beast figure is the biggest Titan figure that has been produced to date and recreates the monstrously-evil character as seen in the Tenth Doctor adventure ‘The Satan Pit’.

Doctor Who TITANS 11th Doctor in 10th Doctor Suit ($15): This 3″ figure features Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor wearing the threads of David Tenant’s incarnation.

That is it for the Titan Merchandise SDCC 2014 Exclusives, but that isn’t going to be all of the Doctor Who Merchandise that they are going to be offering at the show. They are also going to be debuting several products at the show, which will be available for purchase after Comic-Con.

Doctor Who TITANS 6.5” War Doctor ($25): This 6.5″ Titan sees the 8th Doctor after he had regenerated into John Hurt’s much tougher War Doctor.

Doctor Who TITANS The Geronimo Collection ($15 each): The Geronimo Collection brings together the 11th Doctor and his long requested list of companions and enemies. Each figure stands about 3-inches tall and is blind boxed. They come with character specific accessories as well.

Doctor Who: T-Shirt: The Twelfth Doctor Costume ($23): Costume shirts are always fun, so Titan Merchandise is bringing you an accessory-free, totally punk rock 12th doctor costume shirt. The bowtie, scarf and question marks have been replaced with white shirts, sharp vests and crimson-lined jackets. Take a look at the outfit below:

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By Nick Lenihan

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