SDCC 2014: Hot Toys Ancient Predator Sixth Scale Figure (Alien vs. Predator) [Updated]

Hot Toys has announced their second 2014 Toy Fairs exclusive figure, the Hot Toys Ancient Predator sixth scale figure. This marks the second time that Hot Toys has created the Ancient Predator, the last time being their 30th release into the Movie Masterpiece Series, which was actually a ‘model kit’.

Like with some of the other 2.0 Predators that Hot Toys has redone, the Ancient Predator 12-inch figure has received quite the update. There is just so much better paint and details that the original release was lacking.

In a flashback scene in Alien vs. Predator, we learned that predators have discovered Earth and taught humans how to build pyramids. In return, the people worshiped them as gods, willing to sacrifice themselves as alien hosts for predators to hunt and prove their mark!

The movie-accurate Ancient Predator collectible is specially crafted based on his image in the movie featuring two detachable light-up bio-masks, highly detailed head sculpt and body markings, spear with dismembered alien head and a rocky ground diorama base.

Looking through the comments that were left on Hot Toys’ Facebook page, it doesn’t look like too many Predator fans are looking forward to this release. The figure is essentially the Scar Predator 2.0, but with a new a new bio mask. To some people this may be a turn off, considering that the figure is going to cost upwards of $200, but for other people this figure is going to be happily making it into their collections.

Sideshow Collectibles usually puts the pre-orders for these exclusives up on their site around the time San Diego Comic-Con kicks off, so stay tuned to this page for the pre-orders to go live!

UPDATE: Pre-Orders are now available here.

By Nick Lenihan

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