3 Comments on SDCC 2013 Exclusive Batman Classic TV Series Catwoman Barbie

  1. Stephanie

    How is this "Exclusive" different that the Barbie being released on June 7th through and also through the Previews catalog? I see nothing different to justify and "exclusive" tag on this doll.

    • I think Previews listed it wrong. I just looked it up online and I'm showing an estimated shipping date of 7/31/2013 with a retail price of $54.99.

      Though, still has it shipping on June 7th, so I don't get what makes this Barbie a SDCC exclusive either.

      A Mattel Fail?

      • Nascarnbroncosfans

        Sometimes a SDCC release will have only a sticker on the clear box. Or other accessories. I think that Catwoman MIGHT have a sticker and thats it. not sure. But knowing Mattel, the right hand does not know what the left hand does most of the time. I am told though, that SDCC 2013 will only have 300 pieces of Catwoman – IE “Extremley Limited quantities”. I had an order placed for Batmans through baribiecollector but they bumped the order 3 times, then another online retailer tells me the batmans are one to a case, he failed to order my 3 so I found a friend who ordered them on

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