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The Revoltech Venom Is Both the Action Figure We Need and Deserve

The Revoltech Venom action figure is scheduled to arrive in April 2017.

Occasionally, as I’m perusing the various upcoming action figures, I find one that triggers an involuntary reflex to pull out my wallet and start trying to order one. I’m saved only by the fact that I’m incredibly poor, and the internet laughs at me every time I try to purchase something online. Well, the latest triggering of this reflex was caused by the upcoming Revoltech Venom figure, based off of Spidey’s long time symbiote triggered nemesis. I’m not a deeply knowledgeable Spider-fan, but I believe this is modeled after the Eddie Brock / Venom combo, though if I’m wrong, fell free to mock me in the comments. So, what’s in store for us? Let’s check it out!

Details on the Revoltech Venom Action Figure

How Tall is the Revoltech Venom?

17.5 cm, or roughly 6.9 inches., which is about 1.5 cm taller than the Revoltech Spider-Man figure.

What Kind of Articulation Can We Expect?

I haven’t been able to find official specs yet, but based on the articulation present in past Revoltech figures, and the photos, I’d say very. Also, take note of the individually articulated fingers, and the articulated lower jaw. So. Very. Cool.

What Accessories Does the Revoltech Venom Come With?

Venom comes with two interchangeable portraits, one with a closed and one with an open mouth. In addition, he comes with a removable swiveling tongue, interchangeable hands, attachable tendrils,

How Much is the Figure and Where Can I Get One?

Right now, the figure is available for pre-order through BBTS for $84.99, though additional retailers, and hopefully, a slightly lower price will be available soon.

When Will the Figure Be Available?

The Revoltech Venom action figure will be shipping in April 2017, so not that long a wait.

Photos of the Revoltech Venom Action Figure

Marvel Revoltech Venom Action Figure

Also, if you’re digging the look of the Revoltech Spider-Man they’re showing off along with Venom, he’ll be available next month, so you can pick one of those up a little sooner, over at BBTS.

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