Revoltech Release More Images of their Upcoming Star Wars and Iron Man Figures

Revoltech has released more images of their upcoming Star Wars action figures. They are only at prototype stage at the moment and no release date has been given. They have revealed Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, C3PO & R2D2. They have also released more images of their upcoming Iron Man figures.

I know that Revlotech have released some Iron Man figures in the past and being honest they don’t really impress me. Though, to give them credit they look really posable and very well detailed and they have shown off the Iron Man movie original armor and the golden armor (I have not seen Iron Man 3). They come with interchangeable hands and effects.

The real highlight of this article is the Star Wars figures. It’s good to see that some other companies aside from Hasbro are picking up the mantle to produce different scales of Star Wars Figures and I must say they look really good and slightly stylized, of which I have no problem with I.e. The Stormtrooper looking thinner and Vader’s cape and skirt looking a bit on the bulky side.

I have to say I really like the look of them and despite the fact that they are prototypes (aside a fully painted Stormtrooper) you can still see a lot of detail in all of them; it’s rather staggering. I especially like the look of the Stormtrooper as his outfit, which is sculpted beneath his armor, looks like an actual piece of the outfit as they have sculpted creases into it. You can see the same on the Darth Vader figure.

I’m not to sure how much articulation they will have but they look on par with the Hasbro Star Wars Black Series figures (even more so Vader with his posable cape).

In one area they have really trumped the Black Series is in accessories. You can clearly see Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and C3PO come with some interchangeable hands. I do see some force hands for Darth Vader and command hands for the Trooper. Accessories have been lacking in the Black Series as of late.

It’s great to see that you can get these figures in some wide varied poses. Even C3PO comes with a small droid (forgive me I have forgotten it’s name). Also, I should mention the Stormtrooper comes with a smaller blaster and a base of which I am guessing all other figures will come with too. I hope Vader comes with his lightsaber akin to the Black Series figures.

I’ve seen Revoltech figures before and they entice me though I have never picked one up but I have to say their upcoming figures and these Star Wars ones really interest me and I am really keen to see what their interpretations of the other iconic characters would look like.

I am guessing that these will cost around $50-$60 and will be released sometime later this year or in the spring of next year. I must say the Force looks strong with this line. I expect The Iron Man figures to be released sometime later this year.

Images via Tag Hobby

By Nick Lenihan

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