Review: DC Collectibles Infinite Crisis Pajama Party Harley Quinn


DC Collectibles recently released a new line of figures, named Infinite Crisis.  Included in the two figure initial assortment are Atomic Green Lantern and Pajama Party Harley Quinn.  What makes these figures different from other DC Collectibles “standard” fare?  Well, the Infinite Crisis figures are in a 7 inc scale and have “limited articulation”.

“Limited articulation?” It just screams “statue”, doesn’t it?  Which isn’t a horrible thing, per se…but it certainly doesn’t bring to mind action figure, either.

After seeing the production figures earlier this year at Toy Fair, there was no way I wasn’t getting the Pajama Party Harley, limited articulation or not.  After getting her opened up, I gotta admit, the whole limited articulation thing isn’t all that bad.  Basically, she’s posed from the waist down.  And beings that I don’t really do much posing with my figures anyway, it’s really not that much of a problem for me.

Besides, from the waist up, she’s fairly articulate.  Her head and arms move, twist and rotate just like any other DC Collectibles figure.  Besides all that, she’s nicely sculpted, top to bottom, in a pajama version of her traditional costume.  Probably the nicest touch of the figure is her Batman panties.  Go ahead.  Go take a look, you pervs.

Harley also comes with a bunch of accessories, too.  A Nerf looking gun and “nerd” glasses.  The funny thing is, they’re not just frames, either.  They actually have clear plastic lens in there.  Nice touch, DC Collectibles.  Nice touch.

Along with the gun and glasses, Harley’s also packed with a giant, impaled teddy bear.  They even sculpted the stuffing pouring out of the bear, where the post enters and leaves its body.  Twisted.

And if all that wasn’t enough, she’s also packed with a base!

But, you know you’re going to pay for all those extra goodies, right?  Harley retails for $39.99, with most online retailers appearing to be selling them at $34.99, though.

So, is she worth it?  Well, there’s one more thing you gotta know before you decide to pull the trigger or not.  Harley’s wearing braces.  This must’ve been an addition after the production figure and shots were released.  Because, even the artwork on the back of her box doesn’t show her wearing braces.

What’s the big deal?  They’re only braces, right?  Well…I don’t know.  It really changes the vibe of the figure. For some reason, the braces make Harley look 10 times more creepy then she should.  Perhaps that’s intentional.  I don’t know.  I’m still a bit put off by them.  Not enough to not buy the figure, mind you, but…still not leaving me with the warm and fuzzies.

UPDATE: This figure is sold out at some retailers, but you can still pick this Harley up at Amazon, you can also find her on Big Bad Toy Store, and you can always take a trip over to eBay and check for a deal on the Harley Quinn Pajama Party figure.





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