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Review: Bullock, Talia, Clayface Figures from the Batman Animated Series


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If you're a fan of the series, and the Animated Series look in general, these figures are absolutely worth picking up, especially Bullock and Clayface.

Overall Score 3.7 Overall Worth It!
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These three Batman: Animated Series action figures are overall worth adding to your collection.

NOTE: We got sent these figures for review purposes by DC Entertainment.

I am pretty excited to get into these figures again. After reviewing Penguin, Riddler, Batgirl and Nightwing a while back, I am happy to see that we are getting more of these series in.

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Batman: Animated Series Action Figures – Packaging

So starting off with packaging, I hate clam shells. I understand that they are very popular but I prefer boxes like the box that Clayface is in. I like to be able to put the figure back.

My big problem with all the boxes is that the backs are a basic graphic and legal crap. Where are my pictures?!? Other than that there was some light damage from the shipping. Overall, 3 out of 5.

Batman: Animated Series Action Figures – Paint

Talia al Gul

Talia’s paint is pretty basic. Her face looks amazing. No spill from any one spot and the makeup she is wearing looks great. Otherwise, she only has two colors so not much to see. 3.5 out of 5

Harvey Bullock

Bullock’s paint was the best of the three. I love his face paint and there is no spilling at all. I have no complaints at all which is refreshing, to say the least. 4 out of 5


It is hard to really talk about Clayface’s paint considering that he is mostly a single color. His face looks great though and I absolutely love the color they got for his body. 3.5 out of 5

Batman: Animated Series Action Figures – Sculpt

Talia al Ghul

Talia’s sculpt was great. I liked that her hair was a soft plastic and that there was a small dimple to show her collar bone. One thing I was not so fond of is the simplicity. I wish the holster would fit her gun and the belt was a little plain. Other than that, her sculpt was pretty average. 3 out of 5

Harvey Bullock

I LOVE that they made his jacket out of soft plastic. I also love the hands. It has that 90’s look I freakin love. His face looks great. I love the smirk they sculpted. I really feel like they nailed his face. 4 out of 5


Clayface has a very basic sculpt but they did an amazing job. I feel like they may have tried to make the arms and legs a little more dry than the center of the body which is so cool! My favorite part of his sculpt is a tie between his face and his feet. I know that sounds weird but His feet look oddly awesome! 4 out of 5

Batman: Animated Series Action Figures – Articulation

Talia al Ghul

Her head rotates 360 degrees and can tilt down slightly. Her shoulders can also rotate 360 degrees. The move out to shoulder height. Her elbow joints can rotate 360 degrees and bend inward to 90 degrees. Her legs don’t move up very far at all but the move back about 45 degrees but she can do a full split. Her knees can be bent back 90 degrees and her feet have a very slight tilt forward and back. 3 out of 5

Harvey Bullock

Bullock’s head can rotate 360 degrees as well as both tilt down and swivel side to side. You can rotate his shoulders 360 degrees and the move out to shoulder height. His elbow joints can rotate 360 degrees and bend inward just short of 90 degrees. His wrists can tilt in and out but be careful. His sleeves tend to make it difficult to do without removing the hands altogether. Hos torso can rotate 360 degrees but I do not suggest it. His hard plastic shirt starts to bend and it could make a line appear. His legs can move forward and back 45 degrees and he can do the splits. . . who would have thought? His knees in the other hand can only move back. His feet have a very slight rotation but not much due ti his pant legs. 4 out of 5


You can rotate Clayface’s head 360 degrees and that is it. His shoulders can rotate 360 degrees and move out very slightly. He does have double jointed elbows but they are very stiff so be mindful. Clayface can also rotate 360 degrees at the waist as well as crunch. I am pretty sure the only reason they gave us crunch was because he would never stand otherwise. He can almost do a full split. He does not have knee joints but his legs move forward and back about 45 degrees and his feet rotate 360 degrees. 4 out of 5

Batman: Animated Series Action Figures – Accessories

Talia al Ghul

A big let down here. She has closed fists, open hands, and gun hands. Her only gun is plain black and early sculpted. To top that off her gun hand barely holds the gun. I was very disappointed. 2 out of 5

Harvey Bullock

Bullock had the most accessories out of all of them. He has a sweet shotgun, two donuts, handcuffs, and a revolver. HE also has two open hands and closed fists. 4.5 out of 5


Clayface had the best accessories. He has an alternate face, an ax hand, a hook hand, and a mace hand. It may be called a Flail but who cares? It looks awesome! 4.5 out of 5

Batman: Animated Series Action Figures – Overall

Overall, I am pretty happy with the figures. Talia was pretty boring but Bullock and Clayface more than make up for it. Across the board, I am giving these a 4 out of 5.

Batman: Animated Series Action Figures – Photos

More photos coming soon!

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