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Protect Your Action Figures

So we all know by now that action figures and other toys are always going to be worth more if you protect your action figures and keep them perfect condition inside the original packaging. Even if you take your action figures out of the package you should still protect your action figures.

Protect your action figures

Quick Tips To Protect Your Action Figures

  • Avoid direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun are action figure murderers. Who knows thought maybe you want to have a cracked action figure in your collection? Sunlight will not only damage the action figure inside the box it will damage the box. The package will quickly become faded brittle.
  • Beware of humidity. Keep your action figures that are still in boxes out of humid areas. Its not the plastic you have to worry about on the package it is the cardboard. The cardboard will get warped if you keep your action figures in a humid area.
  • Remove your pricetags. First you will want to try to remove your price tag with your fingers. If that does’nt work then maybe you should try tweasers. If you still cant get that tag off then you will have to turn to a commercial product that will help you remove the tag easily. But be careful when using a product like that because you can also easily damage your packaging.
  • If your toys have batteries you will want to be sure to remove them when you are not using them. Over time your batteries will leak out and possibly destroy your toys.
  • Don’t handle your most prized MIB action figures too much. Your fingers release lots of natural greases. This may be great for your skin but is is harmful to your action figures. If you handle them too much your figures could become yellow colored.
  • For your most valuable toys you may want to consider sealed storage containers.They are ususally made of  clear plastic with UV protection and are vacuum sealed. This is pretty expensive to do though. You may only choose to do this for your most valuable figures.

Protect your action figure collection from the start is what I reccomend. This will save you from a big headache later on down the road.

What steps do you take to protect your action figure collection?


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