Prime 1 Bebop and Rocksteady Statues are Disgustingly Awesome

Prime 1 TMNT statues, Rocksteady and Bebop

Recently, ThreeZero revealed their sixth scale figures for erstwhile Ninja Turtle villains Rocksteady and Bebop, and they were pretty incredible. Not to be left out of the fun, Prime 1 Studio has, in turn, revealed their latest TMNT statues, also for the Out of the Shadows Rocksteady and Bebop. And much like the ThreeZero figures were pretty much the ultimate action figures for the duo, these Prime 1 TMNT statues are pretty much the ultimate statues for Rocksteady and Bebop. Also, while a little gross, the detail on Rocksteady and Bebop, including the stomach hair, is very realistic.

Details on the Prime 1 TMNT Statues for Rocksteady and Bebop

How Tall is the Prime 1 Rocksteady Statue?

The Rocksteady statue is 1/4 scale, meaning it’s 21 inches (54.3 cm) tall, including the base.

How Tall is the Prime 1 Bebop Statue?

The Bebop statue is also 1/4 scale, and also 21 inches (54.3 cm) tall, including the base.

Do the Statues Come With Any Accessories?

The statues, purchased separately, do not come with any accessories. However, if you purchase them as a two-pack, Prime 1 is including an exclusive Shredder mask.


What Are the Statues Made From?

The statues are made from polystone, and covered with a high-quality translucent resin to give them a lifelike skin effect.

Are the Statues a Limited Edition?

Yes, the statues are limited editions. Bebop and Rocksteady will each be limited to 500 pieces, and the Bebop and Rocksteady set, with the exclusive Shredder mask, will be limited to 350 pieces.

How Much Are the Statues, and Where Can They Be Ordered?

OK. Brace yourselves, because these statues aren’t cheap. Bebop and Rocksteady can be had for $599 each, or you can pick them both up in the set with the mask for $1,199. Keep in mind that these are Prime 1 statues, and they’re about as high end as statues get. You can pre-order them at Sideshow Collectibles.

Pre-order the Prime 1 Studio Rocksteady Statue

Pre-order the Prime 1 Studio Bebop Statue

Pre-order the Prime 1 Studio Rocksteady and Bebop Statue Set

When Will the Statues Be Available?

The statues are expected to ship sometime between June and August 2017.

Photos of the Prime 1 Studio Out of the Shadows TMNT Statues for Rocksteady and Bebop

Cheap? No. But totally radical? Absolutely.

By Anders Clark

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