Prime 1 Studio’s Batman Noel Statue Is Epic, but Extremely Pricey

I have to say I jumped for joy when I saw this. I’m a big fan of the Batman Noel story and Lee Bermejo’s artwork which is simply beautiful and after reading it I became a big fan of the Batman Noel costume. I also know that the costume is featured as an unlockable costume in the Arkham Origins game, which is aptly set on Christmas Eve.

Prime 1 Studio developed this polystone Batman Noel statue and it looks absolutely perfect. The statue stands at over 30-inches tall. The level of detail is absolutely staggering.  I can’t fault a single part of it. The base looks fantastic and looks to be a part of the church roof that’s seen in the game. It looks incredibly realistic. The pose is absolutely perfect as well.

I love the texture that they have given to the costume and the cape and cowl. They captured his muscular bulky build in the game perfectly. The paint is stunning. This statue will feature a flexible cape, interchangeable heads and hands. You get a pair of fists and a hand equipped with a batarang. You also get an interchangeable head – one with gritted teeth like he’s in the middle of a fight and the other head is just a plain expression. There’s also an exclusive version of the statue, which comes with a third interchangeable head called the Beserker head.  He looks really angry and you can see some damage on his cowl which looks fantastic.

Both versions of the Batman Noel statue are available for pre-order now, priced at $899.99 each. The exclusive version is only purchasable though Sideshow Collectibles and is priced the same as the standard version. They are both scheduled for release in May – June 2016.

Batman Noel Polystone Statue

By Nick Lenihan

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