Prime 1 Studio 1:2 scale Batman v Superman Wonder Woman statue News

Wonder Woman, Meet 1:2 Scale Wonder Woman

1:2 Wonder Woman Statue by Prime 1 Studio from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Amazonian Princess of the Island of Themyscira has stepped out of the shadows and into the limelight for her upcoming movie, due out June 2017. And to celebrated that fact, Prime 1 Studio is releasing a Batman v Superman Wonder Woman statue. This fantastic life-like rendition of Princess Diana, the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, stands at an impressive half-scale and is decked out with her classic armor, shield, and sword.

Details on the Prime 1 Studio 1:2 Scale Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Statue

What are the dimensions of this Diana Prince statue?

Wonder Woman will tower over any pets or small children at a staggering 40 inches tall in her wedged gladiator sandals which seem only slightly more appropriate than the red heeled boots she wore in her early film days. The base is roughly 4 inches high and is about 19 inches x 14 inches across.

Why should I take out a second mortgage on my home to afford this statue?

Well for starters, the Amazonian Princess was cast in translucent resin which gives a highly realistic look and feel to the skin’s texture, and her hair is amazing. I’m also pretty sure that her eyelashes and possibly even eyebrows are made of the same realistic hair, but I’m working from pictures so don’t quote me on that! Beneath her long brown locks, Wonder Woman is rocking her golden circlet across her forehead.

Diana is wearing her reimagined modern costume, which is more gladiatorial and inspired by plate armor than her original spandex get up, and is complete with over-the-knee armored boots and wrist guards. Though there is a definite lack of spandex, she does come with her trusty Lasso of Truth, supposedly forged from the Golden Girdle of Gaea and imbued with incredible powers and strength. I don’t know if the statue can do all that, but it is a very nice, silky looking golden rope which is looped into a leather harness that goes across her chest and around her waist. Wonder Woman is also holding a wicked looking gladiator sword in her right hand, and wearing her engraved and super damaged parma, a round shield popularized in history by the Roman Imperial Army strapped to her forearm.

Another super rad thing that is happening with this figure is the base. Any statue that comes with an LED spotlight feature on the base IN ADDITION to 2 interchangeable emblems for display. One of which is certainly the iconic winged Double-W and the other might be the Batman v Superman crest. (We’ll update when we know for sure!)

Speaking of affording things, exactly how far is this out of my price range?

For the affordable cost of only $2,099, this “is an ultimate Wonder Woman piece for all fans.” The answer to my question, my friend, is too dang far.

However, if you desire The Prime 1 Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Statue, you can pre-order it here on Sideshow Collectibles. And they do offer a payment plan if that helps.

Photos of the Prime 1 Studio 1:2 Scale Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Statue

Prime 1 Studio Batman v Superman Wonder Woman 1:2 Scale statue, comparison with Gal Gadot

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