Details On Prime 1 Studio Arkham Knight Two Face Statue

The Prime 1 Studio Arkham Knight Two Face Statue Looks Amazing

Prime 1 Studio and DC Comics have again partnered in creating yet another amazing Arkham Knight themed figure. This time, they’ve decided to create one of Batman’s iconic villains, Harvey “Two-face” Dent. You’re probably most familiar with the version of the character from the movie Batman: The Dark Knight. But the statue won’t be based on Aaron Eckhart’s portrayal, but rather on the comic books and previous video games in which the mafia scarred him with acid. Two versions of the Prime 1 Studio Arkham Knight Two Face statue will be made, one regular and one exclusive.

The statue’s size will be approximately 80 cm (~31 inches) with the body being ~62cm tall and the base being ~17cm tall. The sculpt was made using high-quality translucent resin for a lifelike skin effect while the statue was painted to perfection. When it comes to interchangeable parts, the statue has 2 portraits, one regular and one angry, as well as with a switchable right arm for holding a pistol. Of course, Harvey’s “two-headed” trick silver dollar is included and can be seen in his left hand, although it doesn’t seem to be removable. If you decide to buy the exclusive version, you will also receive a switchable arm for holding a grenade launcher.

The Prime 1 Studio Arkham Knight Two Face statue’s price is set at $899, and it’s available for pre-order on Sideshow Collectible’s website. Both the exclusive version and the regular one cost the same, but they will be produced in different edition sizes. The regular edition will have 700 statues made while the exclusive edition will have 350 statues made. This is definitely an expensive item, but we all know how great Prime 1 Studio figures are and they are ultimately worth it. The statues are expected to ship between March and May of 2017. For more information, keep checking Prime 1’s Facebook page.

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