Preorders Begin For 3 New Eaglemoss Publications Hobbit Figures

Kili, Fili and Gloin Joining The Hobbit Motion Picture Figure Collection

Pre-ordering has begun for the latest additions to Eaglemoss Publications line of Hobbit figures. These figures, part of their Hobbit Motion Picture Figure Collection line, are of members of the dwarven party from the movie, Kili, Fili, and Gloin. If you are having trouble remembering all the dwarves from the movie, Kili is the one that hooked up with Tauriel (something not in the book), Fili is his blonde brother, and Gloin is Gimli’s father.

As with all the other figurines from the line, these will also be made in 1/25 scale, sculpted in specially formulated metallic resin, and using official reference material provided by the studio. Each figurine was hand-painted and approved by Warner Bros, which was done to ensure complete authenticity. The characters and their weapons and clothes are very finely sculpted with numerous small details, making the figurines great collectibles.

One thing that might dissuade new collectors from purchasing is the fact that they are figures #23, #24, and #25, in the line, so some completionist collectors might not purchase them without having all of the previous ones. If, however, you love a specific character, then these collectibles will be great for you. In any case, most of them are still in stock so if this motivates you to collect them all, it shouldn’t be such a difficult task. Each character comes with a richly illustrated collector’s guide, which only increases the overall quality of the collectibles.

Pre-Order Fili – Big Bad Toy Store

Pre-Order Kili – Big Bad Toy Store

Pre-Order Gloin – Big Bad Toy Store

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Each figure in the series cost either $15.99 or $16.99. The price shouldn’t prove to be too much of a problem, even should you decide to start collecting them all, since the final result is definitely worth it – an amazing collection of 25 official Hobbit figurines. The estimated release date for these three new figures of Kili, Fili and Gloin is sometime in August 2016. And, if you’re interested in collecting the whole set, be sure to check out Eaglemoss’ official website since they offer sets, and have other collectible items related to the figures as well.

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