Sideshow Collectibles Releasing Premium Format Darth Maul Figure

Sideshow Star Wars Premium Format Darth Maul figure

Sideshow’s Premium Format Darth Maul Figure Looks Epic

Sideshow Collectibles is making a new Premium Format Darth Maul figure. And while fans from all over the world will rejoice at the thought of having such an amazing Darth Maul statue, their wallets may not. Much like Boba Fett, although Darth Maul did not have much screen time in the prequel trilogy, he left a huge mark and is still a fan favorite character, which is why he’s getting the Premium Format treatment.

The famous Sith Lord from Dathomir will be made to be 19.5 inches tall (~50 cm) and will feature authentic likeness to Ray Park, the actor who portrayed Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. The sculpt is so amazing, you can even see the wrinkles on his forehead. His outfit is very simple, yet skillfully detailed and made out of real fabric. The paint job is done to perfection as every single one of his Dathomirian Zabrak tattoos are exactingly painted, as well as his horns and his gleaming yellow eyes. His signature double-bladed lightsaber can be seen in his hand, and the Sideshow Exclusive version of the statue will also feature an interchangeable hand holding a severed version of his lightsaber. The statue comes standing on a simple, circular, black base that is great for display and fits the character perfectly.

However, as with other Sideshow Figures, this Premium Format Darth Maul figure might be too much for many collectors, with the price for both the regular and exclusive versions being set at $519.99. On the other hand, fans who’ve already collected Sideshow’s statues know how amazing they are and that the quality matches the price. The regular and exclusive version of the figure are both currently up for pre-order on Sideshow’s online store with an estimated release date being sometime between June and August 2017. There’s no word yet on the edition size for either version, though there is a limit of one statue per person. As always, Sideshow also provides the option of paying in monthly installments, getting you this incredible statue for as little as $50 a month.

By Marija Catic

A Whovian at heart, Marija is obsessed with video games (particularly the Mass Effect and the Dragon Age trilogies), SciFi shows, movies and action figures. She also loves creative writing.

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