Pre-Orders Start for Soul of Chogokin Voltron Action Figure

Tamashii Nations Soul of Chogokin Voltron action figure

There’s the Voltron action figure, and then there’s the Soul of Chogokin Voltron action figure. For those who aren’t familiar, the Soul of Chogokin is a premiere action figure line started by Bandai in 1997, in order to celebrate mech and robot action figures primarily from anime series in the 70s and 80s, though they occasionally go more recent, such as with their Neon Genesis Evangelion figures. The figures in the line are all diecast metal, and come packed with hidden features and accessories. Designers who take part in the line start from scratch with each release, rather than re-using sculpts or parts, so they can challenge themselves to create a unique design with every robot. Bandai claims the Soul Of Chogokin line are “the world’s most advanced robot toys,” and given how awesome they are, it’s hard to argue with that.

And finally, Voltron has made his return to the line.

Details on the Soul of Chogokin Voltron Action Figure

The figure is roughly 10.6 inches tall (27 cm), features an incredible amount of detail, and in its combined form, is fully articulated, allowing fans to recreate all the various poses from the show. And this figure comes packed with accessories. The Solar Combat Spears can be held individually in either hand, of combined into Javelin mode. The Blazing Sword comes with a chrome metallic finish in order to recreate the glow from the show. The Spinning Laser Blade has a handle that rotates to change the angle of the shield face, and it can be equipped in both hands. An included alternate face also allows for the open-mouth look Voltron work during many of his intense battles. The figure, of course, is made up  of five separate Space Lions.

The lions are each sport new articulation that, according to Bandai / Tamashii Nations, hasn’t been possible before. Each lion has a fill range of motion in all four legs, and in their torso, and can achieve the sitting posture often seen in the show. Each lion also comes packed with a full arsenal of weapons. In addition, for fans of the original Chogokin toy, optional number decals (1-5) have been provided.

Finally, the figure comes with a special stand, made to resemble the castles of Planet Arus, that holds all the accessories.


The Soul of Chogokin Voltron action figure is set for release in December, and will be priced at 32,400 yen, or roughly $305. Right now, you can pre-order it on Amazon for $299. Which, considering the size and quality of the figure, seems worth it, especially for fans.



By Anders Clark

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