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17 Comments on Playmates Toys 2013 Release Schedule

  1. Jamie Krewson

    Thanks, now give my daughter dates so she can stop bugging me for the new figures everytime we are at the store.

    • Wave 2 (Snakeweed, Leatherhead, and Baxter Stockman) should be showing up into stores any day now. So you aren't going to be off the hook for awhile until you find them! Good Luck!

  2. Michelle

    The date are helpful, I’m still looking for the second wave of toy.I check in the stores and website and nothing yet do you have a better date when the second wave will be released

  3. Michelle

    Yes ,they are out just found snake weed,Baxter Stockman and Leatherhead.At Wal-mart. But it was the last one there.

  4. Battastic

    Found Leatherhead at Walmart about a 7-14 days ago and found Snakeweed and Stockman at Target last weekend.
    I just found April in Target today. I did not even know that she had been re-released.

  5. Just found snakeweed at toys r us. Had the guys there looking out for me. They said he was only one to a case filled with all the originals. Especially the stupid mutagen ooze guys.

    Wish they didn’t. Way less rare.

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