Play With This Too Lost Protectors Kickstarter Goes Live

Play With This Too is a new company in the toy industry. They are made up of industry professionals from companies such as Hasbro, Mattel, Diamond Select and many others. And just like many new toy companies, they are starting out with Kickstarter.

Their first line is called Lost Protectors, which are 6″ scale highly articulated figures with interchangeable parts. This line of figures looks to be inspired by Transformers, Star Wars and a bit of He-Man thrown in for good measure. So these are really hitting the nostalgia mark and they look fantastic.

As you would have noticed, I said that these figures are interchangeable. What I really should have said are these are fully interchangeable, so they are like the Hasbro Mashers figures, but aimed at the collector market. What makes this line really unique though is that the heads are interchangeable and compatible with other 6″ figures including Marvel Legends and the Star Wars Black Series figures.

The Lost Protector figures come packaged with two pairs of interchangeable hands and at least one weapon. They also feature 5 mm ports so that you can interchange the weapons.

Each lost Protector figure comes with a 3″ tall companion called Tech Drones. Tech Drones are assembled via 5 mm ports or pegs, which allow the drones to disassemble and plug into the 6” figures as weapons or gear. The Tech Drone’s limbs are also interchangeable amongst themselves and  the 5 mm pegs allow them to work with numerous other action figure lines.

Their Kickstarter has various pledge goals which features figures, original artwork, badges, stands,  t-shirts, accessory packs and art prints. There also multiple stretch goals as well, which feature new figures and heads , etc. I have to say they have a lot of great extra pledge goals like the capes, heads and head stands.

I should also that if you are outside of the USA you’ll have to pay more for the shipping of the items. So if you’re abroad you’d better check how much you’ll have to pay before deciding on contributing this Kickstarter.

If you want more details about it you can check it out here. If the Kickstarter is successfully funded, rewards don’t ship until February next year.

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By Nick Lenihan

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