Play Arts Kai Man Of Steel Jor-El And Faora Figures (Painted) (Updated)

A couple of months back at Hollywood Collectors Convention in Tokyo, we were treated to our first look at the unpainted prototypes of the Play Arts Kai Man Of Steel Jor-El And Faora Figures, and now we are finally given our first look at what they look like painted. These figures are going to be joining the Play Arts Kai Superman and General Zod figures that are scheduled to be released at the end of this year.

They appear to be unchanged from the previous images, they are just painted now. We still don’t have pricing or a release date. Stay tuned for more information as it is release.

UPDATE: More images have been added. Also, the price for these figure is going to be 8,800 yen, or about $88 USD. They feature removable capes, multiple hands, and the accessories pictured.

UPDATE 2: Big Bad Toy Store has them both listed at $79.99, you can buy them here.

Images via Hidemi Matsuzuka

By Nick Lenihan

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