Play Arts Kai Man Of Steel Faora and Jor-El Figures

Last month we took a look at the Play Arts Kai Man Of Steel Superman and Zod figures that are going to be coming the US this August. The first impressions for Zod were fantastic, and Superman were ok, but now we have a couple new Man of Steel figures coming to the Play Arts Kai line sometime soon. Faora and Jor-El were previewed in prototype form at a Hollywood Collectors Convention in Tokyo earlier this month.

While they are still unpainted prototypes and could still have some changes, I don’t think that they changes are going to be very great, if any at all. It’s going to be interesting how they turn out once they are painted. Hopefully they aren’t so glossy like Superman is.

Stay tuned for the final images, pricing, and pre-order information as it becomes available.

Source: Hobbylog

By Nick Lenihan

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