UPDATE: 2 Additional Versions of PCS Zangief Statue Revealed!

PCS Toys Zangief Statue

Pre-Order Update

If you’re looking to score one of these statues, PCS still has some of each of the exclusive versions still available:

Pre-Order the Siberian Express Exclusive Zangief Statue

Pre-Order the V-Trigger Exclusive Zangief Statue

Pre-Order the Mech Exclusive Zangief Statue

And if they sell out, you can score one of the regular versions over at Sideshow Collectibles. All the versions of the statue are currently $529.99.

UPDATE: 8-22-16 PCS Zangief Statue Gets 2 Exclusive Versions

Looks like PCS pulled a quick on us, and revealed not one, but two exclusive versions of their upcoming Zangief statue. In addition to the Siberian Express, they’ll also be adding the “Mech Zangief” and “V-Trigger” versions of the Zangief statues. Check out the additional details on the exclusive statues below, and more pictures of all the statues at the bottom. And don’t forget that they all go up for pre-order on Monday the 29th at 3 PM PST!

So, about a week ago, when Pop Culture Shock put their Street Fighter V Oni statue up for pre-order, we mentioned that they also had a Zangief statue on the way. Well, clearly PCS aren’t ones to beat around the bush. They’ve just revealed the first round of details and photos regarding the PCS Toys Zangief statue.

Now, cards on the table, Zangief isn’t a figure I played very often back in my Street Fighter II arcade days (yeah, I’m THAT old.) I was more of an E. Honda guy, and totally not because I sucked at Street Fighter II and I relied on The Hundred Hand Slap to carry me. It was because … OK, I sucked, and I relied on the Hundred Hand Slap to carry me. But, I always thought Zangief was one of the coolest looking fighters, and had the best backstory. I mean, c’mon, would any of the other fighters spend their time wrestling bears?

Details on the PCS Toys Zangief Statue

In standard PCS fashion, they will be offering three versions of the statue. The regular version will be available through PCS and other retailers. However, the two exclusive versions will be available only through PCS. They are holding back some details, such as what one of the two exclusive editions will be, and how big the edition sizes will be for the statues, but here’s what we do know so far.

The statues will be done in 1/4 scale, and stand 27 inches (68 cm) tall. Each statue will also be hand-crafted from high-quality polystone. Each version of the statue will also come with a certificate of authenticity. The first of the two exclusive versions will be the “Siberian Express,” and will come with an alternate “open mouth” portrait for the figure.

Updated Details on the PCS Zangief Statues

How Many Versions of the Statue Will There Be?

There will be four versions, the regular retail version and three versions exclusive to PCS. The three exclusive versions will be the “Siberian Express,” the “V-Trigger” and the “Mech Zangief.”

Do any Additional Items Come with the Exclusive Versions?

Yes. All three of the exclusive versions of the statue will come with an alternate, open mouth portait for the figure, and a signed art print from Edwin Huang.

What are the Edition Sizes for the Exclusive Versions?

Exclusive Siberian Express Zangief Statue – limited to 275 pieces.

Exclusive V-Trigger Zangief Statue – limited to 125 pieces.

Exclusive Mech Zangief Statue – limited to 125 pieces.

Ordering the PCS Toys Zangief Statue

So, PCS has announced that all three four versions of the statue will go up for pre-order on Monday, August 29th, at 3:00 PM PST. For now, all three four statues are being priced at $529.99. In addition, PCS is saying they expect all four statues to ship in Q4 of 2017.

Now, you might be thinking, “Three versions of the statue, a release date over a year away, I can probably take my time…” but PCS statues, especially the  exclusive versions, tend to sell out pretty quick.

Take, for example, the previously mentioned Oni statue. Like Zangief, the three versions of the Oni statue went up for pre-order at 3:00 PM.

And that tweet went out from PCS at 4:07. So, it basically took them a little over an hour to sell through their 250 “Summer Demon” exclusive statues. So, be sure check back next week when they reveal the other exclusive PCS Toys Zangief statue. And if it’s something you’re looking to add to your collection, then mark down the 29th at 3:00 PM on your calendar.

Additional Photos for the PCS Zangief Statues

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