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PCS 1/4 Scale The Howling Werewolf Statue Starts Pre-orders Today

The Howling Werewolf Statue will come with two different versions.

In 1981, three intense, memorable werewolf movies were released. An American Werewolf in London, backed by Rick Baker’s oscar winning make-up effects and some intense werewolf carnage, is probably the most remembered of the three. Wolfen, with a strong lead performance by Albert Finney, was a little more contemplative, while The Howling, from B-movie master Joe Dante (Piranhas, Gremlins) starts slow, but builds to a great finale. American Werewolf and The Howling were also both important films in the genre, as they featured some of the first on-screen werewolf transformations, achieved through incredible make-up and prosthetics work (from Rob Bottin, in the case of The Howling). So, in order to celebrate the legacy of werewolves, Pop Culture shock is putting their quarter scale The Howling Werewolf statue up for pre-order today.

And this werewolf is one that looks ready to tear it up. So, let’s get into it.

Details on the Pop Culture Shock Quarter Scale The Howling Werewolf Statue

How Tall Will This Statue Be?

This werewolf will stand an impressive 24 inches (61 cm) tall.

How Much Will the Statue Weigh and What Will it Be Made From?

The statue will weigh an estimated 20 pounds (9 kg) and it will be crafted from high-quality polystone.

What Are the Different Versions of the Statue, and What Accessories Do They Come With?

Pop Culture Shock will be releasing two versions of the statue, the regular retail version which will be available shortly through other retailers, and a Pop Culture Shock exclusive version. Both versions will certificate of authenticity, while the exclusive version will come with an alternate closed mouth head sculpt, and a “smiley” sticker.

When Will the Statue Be Available for Pre-Order, and How Much Will it Cost?

The pre-order for the exclusive version of the statue goes live later this afternoon, at 3 PM PST. Some time later, the regular retail version will be available for pre-order as well.

When Will the Statue Be Available / Shipping?

PCS estimates The Howling Werewolf statue will be shipping on October 30th, 2017.

Photos of the Pop Culture Shock Quarter Scale The Howling Werewolf Statue

Pop Culture Shock The Howling Werewolf Statue, close view on front of face


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