PCS 1:4 Scale Street Fighter IV Juri Statue Going Up for Pre-Order

Quarter Scale Pop Culture Shock Street Fighter IV Juri Statue

The jury’s in on the PCS Street Fighter IV Juri statue, and the decision is it kicks butt!

The latest from PCS, a 1:4 scale Street Fighter IV Juri statue, is going up for pre-order today at 3 PM PST. If you’re a fan of both the first Korean fighter and first Taekwondo fighter that showed up in the main series, than Juri’s your gal.

Pre-Orders for the ‘Evil Ryu’ Statue from PCS Go Live Today

Seriously, though, as with all PCS statues, this is pretty much the ultimate Juri collectible there is, with the fighter in her “Standing Heavy Punch” pose. So, let’s get into the details!

Details on the Quarter Scale PCS Street Fighter IV Juri Statue

How Big is the Juri Statue?

The statue is being done in quarter scale and will be 23 inches (58.5 cm) tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the figure.

How Much Does the Juri Statue Weigh?

Juri and her ready to strike power will weigh an estimated 20 pounds (9 kg).

What Material is Juri Being Crafted From?

As with most of the PCS statues, these are being hand-crafted from high-quality polystone.

What Extra Features Do the Exclusive Juri Statues Have?

This is PCS, so there are, of course, exclusive versions. In addition to the regular, there will be the ‘Feng Shui Engine’ PCS exclusive version, the ‘Player 2 – Black’ PCS exclusive version, the ‘Player 2 – Blue’ PCS exclusive version, and a ‘Senpusha Energy Effect‘ available for use with any of the four versions of the statue.  Here are what the three exclusive versions will come with, in addition to the certificate of authenticity:

  • Feng Shui Engine’ PCS Exclusive Version (limited to 300 pieces) – An LED eye, and an alternate ‘licking’ portrait.
  • Player 2 – Black’ PCS Exclusive Version (limited to 200 pieces) – Black outfit, LED eye, and alternate ‘licking’ portrait.
  • ‘Player 2 – Blue’ PCS Exclusive Version (limited to 100 pieces) – Blue outfit, LED eye, and alternate ‘licking’ portrait.

How Much Are the Statue Versions, and When / Where Can They Be Pre-ordered?

All four versions of the statue will be priced at $444.99, so if you’re interested in picking one up, we recommend one of the PCS exclusives. Click here to pre-order the Feng Shui Engine version, here for the Player 2 Black version, and here for the Player 2 Blue version, and here to pre-order the energy effect.

The pre-order for the exclusive versions of the statue starts today, November 14th, 2016, at 3 PM PST. The regular retail version should go on pre-order down the road a bit.

When Will the Juri Statue be Shipping?

As of now, the statues are scheduled for an October 5, 2017, shipping date.

Photos of the Quarter Scale PCS Street Fighter IV Juri Statue

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