PCS Chun-Li Statue Coming at You in Four Versions

Pop Culture Shock Sixth Scale Street Fighter 5 Chun-Li Statue, pink version

OK, be honest.  For those of us who grew up in the arcade era, and had a chance enjoy Street Fighter 2 quarter by quarter, how many of you didn’t abuse the Chun-Li lightning kick? (My other go to was E. Honda’s Hundred Hand Slap.) Look, I admit it, I was never a refined Street Fighter. But that lightning kick got the job done. And it looks like Pop Culture Shock is also getting the job done with their new Chun-Li statue, which will have four different versions. (PCS does love their exclusives.)

Details on the PCS Chun-Li Statue

The Chun-Li statue will be 1:6 scale, and will stand roughly 17 inches tall. The statue will be made out of a high-quality polystone, and feature a sculpt of Chun-Li as seen in Street Fighter 5. The sculpt, which features great detail and a superb paint job, was drawn directly from the game’s 3D model itself. The regular edition of the statue features Chun-Li in her traditional blue costume.

The first of the three exclusive editions features the same color scheme, but comes with a signed art print from Edwin Huang, a certificate of authenticity, and will be limited to just 150 pieces. The second exclusive version features Chun-Li in a black outfit and comes with art print and certificate, and will also be limited to 150 pieces. The third and final exclusive version features Chun-Li in a pink outfit and comes with the art print and certificate.  However, this edition will have 500 pieces, and $75 from the sale of each statue from this line will be donated to a charity for raising breast cancer awareness. It is unknown what the edition size will be for the regular statue.

Pre-Order Details

All 4 statues are currently scheduled to arrive in the third quarter of 2017. The regular edition will be $299.99, while the three exclusive versions will be $309.99. PCS has pages ready for ordering the statues, but pre-orders won’t actually go live until this coming Monday, July 18th.

Regular Edition Sixth Scale Chun-Li Statue – Pre-Order Here

Blue Exclusive Edition Sixth Scale Chun-Li Statue – Pre-Order Here

Black Exclusive Edition Sixth Scale Chun-Li Statue – Pre-Order Here

Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Exclusive Edition Sixth Scale Chun-Li Statue – Pre-Order Here

With the difference in price being only $10, we’d go for one of the exclusives if you’re picking up the PCS Chun-Li statue. Also, don’t wait too long. PCS tends to sell out of their exclusives pretty quickly. The exclusives will only be available through PCS’ online store. They do have a payment plan, and down payment options, though if you pay for the statue in full up front, they offer a 10% discount.

By Marija Catic

A Whovian at heart, Marija is obsessed with video games (particularly the Mass Effect and the Dragon Age trilogies), SciFi shows, movies and action figures. She also loves creative writing.

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