Packaging Shots of The Ultimate Stalker Predator revealed!

Earlier this week NECA revealed the final packaging shots for their upcoming Predator 2 Ultimate Stalker Predator figure. If you recall earlier this year NECA had said that they have plans to release the Lost Tribe Predators that you see at the end of Predator 2 as Ultimate figures. NECA had released these figures before in their Predator line years ago and fans have been hoping that NECA would revisit Predator 2 and release the Lost Tribe Predators in the ultimate format.

I’m a big fan of the original Lost Tribe Predators that NECA released and Stalker Predator is one of my favorites in that series as he has a very unique look and I loved the bio mask as well that he had. When they first showed off this figure a few months ago I was absolutely over the moon as he looks incredible.

They have given Stalker Predator additional armor and accessories such as the interchangeable head, shoulder plasma caster cannon, a snap-on dart gauntlet and an open smart disc, and many more! I really do love the artwork for the packaging, the artwork I have seen for these Ultimate Lost Tribe figures so far have been fantastic! I am very excited for this figure to be released early next year.

Here’s the press release from NECA:

Predator 2 expanded the universe that the original film touched upon, introducing us to new yautja such as the City Hunter and more importantly, the Lost Tribe that appeared at the end of the film. 30 years after its release, NECA is celebrating Predator 2’s anniversary with the return of each Lost Tribe Predator in Ultimate form.

The Stalker Predator is given an upgrade with an all-new body loaded with articulation, an assortment of interchangeable hands, and two heads, one of which is a never before seen unmasked head. Other accessories include a snap-on dart gauntlet, open and closed combi sticks and discs, a new articulated canon, and removable chest armor.

Window box packaging

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