Official Images of Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Figures Revealed at SDCC 2014

If you didn’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con 2014, you missed out on some epic figure reveals. Though, even if you missed the show, you can check out all of the coverage from the showroom floor in our SDCC 2014 Photo Gallery, featuring thousands of photos from throughout the weekend. Among the images in the gallery are a bunch of new Black Series 6″ figures. Hasbro has now released the official images of the Star Wars Black Series 6-inch figures revealed at SDCC 2014.

The new reveals from the Hasbro Star Wars Panel included a TIE Pilot, Han in Stormtrooper Armor, and Bossk (with articulated jaw). With the recent creation of deluxe figures in the Star Wars Black Series 6-inch line, Hasbro needed to design a much bigger box to house the figures. They are going to continue to use the bigger box designs for the upcoming Hoth Luke and Wampa 2-pack, as well a Hoth Han Solo and Tauntaun 2-pack. The Wampa’s arm is indeed removable and Luke is going to be packaged upside down – scene appropriate of course. Han Solo will also be able to ride on top of the Tauntaun.

Not shown (but viewable in our Gallery), Hasbro confirms that The Emperor is going to be eventually coming to the 6-inch line, complete with a cloth cloak.

By Nick Lenihan

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