NYCC 2012 Exclusives

With NYCC coming up in just 3 weeks lets take a look at the NYCC 2012 exclusives! I have grouped all of the exclusives by exhibitor names. I have been working hard on this today, I hope you enjoy!

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DC Collectables – Booth 939

Aardman Batman Action Figure
DC Collectibles is releasing a new Aardman style Batman action figure at New York Comic-Con 2012 based on the hilarious DC Nation stop-motion animated shorts that have been running on the Cartoon Network this past year during DC Comics’ block of programmingNYCC 2012 ExclusivesGreen Lantern DC Collectibles 2 Pack – John Stewart & Atrocitus
DC Collectibles announced the second 2 pack in their new toy line of convention only 3.75” DC Comics Super Heroes action figures.NYCC 2012 Exclusives

VISEone – Booth 3121

Tube Monsters
VISEone’s first original production piece be his very own Tube Monster. This 3.5” injection mold vinyl figure will be released in three exciting colors: the green Zombie Juice Edition, the red Tomato Edition and the appropriately named Black Edition.NYCC 2012 Exclusives

L’amour Supreme

Cosmos Mongolion
Produced by Super7, the Cosmos Mongolion features clear purple vinyl with silver glitter and red and silver spray.NYCC 2012 Exclusives

Action Figure Xpress – AFX – Booth 556

DC Skelanimals Dark Knight Batman Jae Plush
12″ Deluxe Plush of DC Skelanimals Batman-Jae (wolf) dressed in Dark Knight Costume.NYCC 2012 ExclusivesMarvel Minimates Alpha Flight Box Set #1
Canada’s answer to the Avengers, Alpha Flight is a team of super-powered individuals united by Canada ‘s Department H to deal with threats to their homeland. Led by the battlesuit-clad Guardian, the team also included the aquatic Marrina, the diminutive acrobat Puck and the flying, light-generating mutant Northstar.NYCC 2012 ExclusivesMarvel Minimates Alpha Flight Box Set #2
Canada’s answer to the Avengers, Alpha Flight is a team of super-powered individuals united by Canada ‘s Department H to deal with threats to their homeland. This second set completes the original Alpha Flight team with Sasquatch, Snowbird, Talisman, and Aurora!NYCC 2012 ExclusivesPlastic Man Be@rbrick
You’ve seen Eel O’Brian, a.k.a. Plastic Man, as a tire. You’ve seen him as a briefcase. You might have seen him on television. You might even have seen him as a bathing suit. But have you ever seen him as a Be@rbrick? This Be@rbrick comes packaged in its own individual blister pack, with artwork modeled after the classic Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez DC Style Guide designs.NYCC 2012 ExclusivesThundercats Minimates Series 1 Set
Fleeing their dying homeworld, the THUNDERCATS have settled on Third Earth, a strange planet populated by fantastic creatures. LION-O, the Lord of the THUNDERCATS, will need the wisdom of his departed teacher JAGA, as well as the strength of his comrade PANTHRO, to keep his people safe. Especially since the evil sorceror MUMM-RA has his sights on Lion-O’s Sword of Omens, which contains the powerful Eye of Thundera.NYCC 2012 ExclusivesThundercats Minimates Series 2 Set
This second set of immensely popular Thundercats Minimates includes Mumm-Ra’s evil mutants – Jackalman, Monkian, Slithe, Vultureman, and a bonus Wolfrat PVC figure!NYCC 2012 ExclusivesMasters of the Universe Skeletor Power Sword Metal Letter Opener
The Skeletor Power Sword letter opener measures approximately 7 inches long and stores nicely in the Castle Grayskull business card holder (sold separately).NYCC 2012 Exclusives

Dudebox – Booth 2915

Pete Fowler and Fiends
Hailing the return of the Monsterist, Pete Fowler has teamed up with Dudebox to bring you a new range of products in league with his favourite artists. We present two new limited edition vinyl toys to launch ‘Pete Fowler and Fiends’.NYCC 2012 ExclusivesRon English “King Monster”
World renowned POPaganda artist, Ron English, has been credited as “America’s Premier Pop Iconoclast” and “Greatest Living Artist”. He has teamed up with Dudebox to design on to our Dude platform. Together they present King Monster – an altogether different beast, a terror from a lost world. Ron will be signing at the Dudebox booth on Saturday 13th October.NYCC 2012 Exclusives

Harrisons – Booth 239

Funko Pop! Walking Dead
Rick and Daryl bloody versions of Funko Pop Toys. Limited to 3000 each. A Harrisons North American exclusive. Not to be sold thru any stores.NYCC 2012 Exclusives

Muteki Sales LLC – Booth 440

ANA Exclusive Color Mega-Size GUNDAM
MUTEKI SALES is the ONLY exhibitor at NYCC that will have this limited edition, All Nippon Airways international passengers only exclusive colored 1/48 scaled Mega-Size GUNDAM model kit! Only 800 made worldwide! See us at Booth #440 on the right side of the Javits Hall for more exclusives not shown on the NYCC site!NYCC 2012 ExclusivesLimited Edition KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE Cyclone Joker Extreme 1/2 scale Helmet
MUTEKI SALES is the ONLY exhibitor at NYCC that will have this limited edition, Japan sweepstakes only exclusive 1/2 scale helmet & stand with engraved logo of KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE CYCLONE JOKER EXTREME! Only 300 of these were made for a select random prize drawing! Come see us at Booth #440 on the right side of the Javits Hall for more exclusives not seen here on the NYCC site!NYCC 2012 ExclusivesLimited Edition S.H. FIGUARTS SHINKENGER Shinken-Red (Princess Shiba Kaoru)
Come get the limited edition, Japan-only exclusive S.H. FIGUARTS posable action toy Samurai Sentai SHINKENGER Shinken-Red (Princess Shiba Kaoru)! Only 400 worldwide! The ONLY Red-colored Sentai / Ranger female member in history, Shiba Kaoru is the Princess of the Shiba Clan of samurais–the true blood heir to the throne! Come see us at Booth #440 on the right side of the Javits Hall for more exclusives not seen here on the NYCC site!"NYCC

Vamplets – Booth 1289

Free autographed Collectible Mini-Poster
For the first 1000 visitors receive a collectible Vampire Baby “MISSING” mini-poster or Werewolf Baby “MISSING” mini-poster Autographed by G-Ra.NYCC 2012 Exclusives

Zappi Comics – Booth 528

Wolverine Funko Pop vinyl figure in his original Classic Brown costume available exclusively from Zapp! Comics!
Please note that we are the only place that you can only get this exclusive from us, and production is limited to only 1000 pieces in North America!
Supplies limited.NYCC 2012 Exclusives

Play It Now LLC – Booth 1781

Sold out everywhere! Only 1500 Produced World-Wide. Life size Scale replica of the in game Handheld Portal Device.NYCC 2012 Exclusives

Asif Iqbal – Both AA1

Catwoman NYCC Exclusive Limited Edition Print
Catwoman NYCC Exclusive Limited Edition Print. 100 print run.NYCC 2012 ExclusivesDark Phoenix Exclusive NYCC Print
Exclusive New York Comic Con Dark Phoenix print limited to 100.
NYCC 2012 Exclusives

ESC-Toy LLC – Booth 3015

2 Tails
Limited edition resin figure by Erick Scarecrow. Limited to only 11pcs worldwide!S.Maria 3 Years Later
6.5″ hand painted resin figure by Erick Scarecrow. Limited to only 8pcs worldwide.Uncharted Shadow Drake
Limited to only 15pcs worldwide!

Hallmark Cards Inc – Booth 1956

4-LOM and Zuckuss
This two-pack features the criminal droid 4-LOM and Gand tracking expert Zuckuss from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™. Created exclusively for event sales, 4-LOM and Zuckuss are the last bounty hunters depicted in the film to become Keepsake Ornaments. Sales limited to 800 sets.Cylon Centurion
In the classic 1978 TV series “Battlestar Galactica,”™ Cylon Centurions relentlessly pursue the “ragtag” survivors of the Twelve Colonies of humanity across the reaches of space with a single goal–destroy all humanoids. This gold-painted variant of last year’s popular ornament is Hallmark’s first Comic-Con exclusive to feature sound. Sales limited to 600 Keepsake Ornaments.The Dark Knight Returns
This original sculpt is inspired by the 1986 comic-book masterpiece The Dark Knight Returns. This gritty adventure helped to establish the more realistic and complex portrayal of the Dark Knight in modern media. Sales limited to 700 Keepsake Ornaments.

Titan Entertainment – Booth 832

Doctor Who Masterpiece Collection: Tenth Doctor (Sound of Drums Variant) Maxi-Bust
This beautifully-sculpted 8″ maxi-bust of David Tennant’s classic interpretation of The Doctor captures the Tenth Doctor in all his slender, sharp-suited dynamic glory from the series 3 finale – Sound of Drums.

Toy Tokyo – Booth 3303

This Kirk Von Hammett figure will be in an edition size of only 60 pcs .
This figure will be available through a lottery .
One ticket per person .
Kirk Hammett will be signing @ the Toy Tokyo booth on Saturday 10/13 @ 1PM
Winners of this figure will be announced on Saturday @ 11:30 AM
This is a 10″ Super Size Me figure wearing Chinese Army clothes ” Serving the People” Ron English will be signing @ the Toy Tokyo booth on Friday 10/12
NYCC 2012 Exclusives

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What NYCC 2012 Exclusives are you looking forward to the most?

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