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New Star Wars Black Series Reveals

Last weekend was a bumper weekend for Hasbro with the 1027 livestream and MCM last week. Hasbro split the reveals over the weekend with a few during 1027 and the others at MCM. The reveals are as follows:

  • Star Wars Black Series Clone Wars Mace Windu & 187th Clone Trooper Two-Pack
  • Star Wars Black Series The Mandalorian Paz Vizla
  • Star Wars Black Series The Phantom Menace Padme
  • Star Wars Black Series The Phantom Menace Anakin

Like all of Hasbro’s live streams for the Star Wars Black Series, they have pipeline reveals as well and they are:

  • Star Wars Black Series Attack of The Clones Mark 1 Clone Trooper & B1 Battle Droid
  • Star Wars Black Series Revenge of The Sith Emperor Palpatine
  • Star Wars Black Series Heir To The Empire Set

All the reveals are very good, especially as we have been waiting for some of these characters for a long time, though I do find it baffling that they are rereleasing Paz Vizla, this must be his third or fourth release and he’s still widely available on the secondary market for more than reasonable prices. The Phantom Menace Anakin & Padme had been pipelined a few months ago and it’s great to see them in the line at long last! However, I do have to say the promo pictures of Padme don’t look that great and she looks much better in hand from pictures that I have seen from MCM.

I really like that she comes with both blasters that she comes with including her signature pistol and the Naboo Royal Guard blaster which I’ve always liked the look of. I do feel that Anakin has got the short shrift when it comes to accessories as he’s a relatively small figure and he only comes with his backpack. They could have included his pod racing helmet and the necklace he gives Padme.

The Mace Windu & 187th Clone Trooper two-pack looks fantastic, I love the Clone Wars look to Mace and the head sculpt looks fantastic, I am not sure if it’s new or just the lighting but it looks great. The 187th Trooper looks fantastic and comes with two blasters and a removable helmet. I’m definitely considering getting this set. I should mention that it’s a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive.

I thought the pipeline reveals were excellent and I have to say I am thrilled that we are getting more prequel-era figures and I hope to see more in the mainline and the archive line as well! The Mark 1 Clone Trooper & B1 Battle Droid is a very inspired and great army-building two-pack! I hope that it will be widely available and won’t be scooped up by all the scalpers.

I’m very curious to know more about the Heir of The Empire boxset and I know that Hasbro has been doing figures on the Legends EU of Star Wars. I know that it’ll contain four figures Luke Skywalker, Luuke, Mara Jade & Jorrus C’baoth. It will be a Shop Disney and a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive.

Most exciting for me is The Revenge of The Sith Emperor Palpatine. I know a lot of fans have been hoping for a Revenge of The Sith Palpatine and I am very excited to see what they do with it and what accessories he’ll come with. I don’t doubt that he’ll come with a Lightsaber and I hope he comes with a cackling head as well.

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