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New Star Wars Black Series Pre-Orders

Just yesterday Hasbro held their latest Star Wars livestream, another disappointment again with only three figures revealed for the Black Series and several pipeline figures to add to the already lengthy pipeline list.

Before talking about the figures I must say I am getting rather fed up with the lack of reveals for the Black Series when it comes to the livestreams, it’s always a lot less than how many the Vintage Collection gets, and it’s been going on for a year or so now. There are still so many figures from the Sequel Trilogy, Andor, Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett, and Jedi Fallen Order/Survivor and I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait to get around to those.

The three reveals were an Attack of The Clones Phase 1 Clone Trooper, Droideka Destroyer Droid, & Ahsoka Admiral Thrawn. For the pipeline we got IG 12, Grogu & Anzellan Three-Pack, Mandalorian Night Owl (Walmart Exclusive), Jedi Survivor Droid Three Pack (Amazon Exclusive) Super Battle Droid (Solo Release), and Moff Gideon Helmet Replica.

We only recently got a Phase II Clone Trooper which has some slight deco differences to the helmet, it’s great for army builders and I would consider getting a few of these and it’s great that he comes with both weapons so you can army build them holding different weapons.

The Droideka has been a long time coming and I know this one will go very quickly as many fans have been waiting years for this droid to appear in the Black Series. The sculpting looks excellent on the figure. Though I am not sure about the folded ball look, it doesn’t look that great and I think I’ll be displaying mine in its walking mode. I can see the Droideka getting multiple releases with different paint jobs with its appearance in the prequel trilogy and Jedi Survivor.

I can’t understand why it has taken so long to release Admiral Thrawn as it was highly rumored that he would be the main villain of the Ashoka series. I thought he would come out just after the series ended, not a year and a half after the series finished. The head sculpt looks amazing though! I can see Lars Mikkelsen it’s uncanny! This figure is a must-have for me!

The pipeline reveals were a bit of a mixed bag, I am very happy to see more The Mandalorian Series 3 figures, especially that Grogu three-pack and the Night Owl. Hopefully, in the coming months, we’ll see more The Mandalorian figures.

Though I was very impressed with the reveals, It was still rather underwhelming, with no surprises.

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