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New SHFiguarts Hawkeye Action Figure Revealed

With the large number of Captain America and especially Iron Man figures that get released, it can sometimes seem like the other Avengers don’t get nearly the same amount of action figure love. From time to time, however, we see some great action figures for the less celebrated Avengers, such as the upcoming THreeA figure for Black Widow. Well, fans of Hawkeye can rest a little easier as a new, very cool looking SHFiguarts Hawkeye action figure has been revealed.

Details on the SHFiguarts Hawkeye Action Figure

Is the Figure’s Appearance Based off Comics or Movies?

The figure is based around Hawkeye’s look in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, and will bear a resemblance to actor Jeremy Renner.

How Big Will the Figure Be?

The figure will be 5.9 inches (15 cm) tall, and have the same high level of articulation that other figures in the SHFiguarts line have.

What Accessories Will the Figure Come With?

The figure comes with a quiver and two interchangeable right hands that are holding Hawkeye’s bow. One hand is holding the bow in a relaxed position, and the other is holding the bow drawn. The quiver will be able to be attached to the figure’s back.

What Materials is The Figure Made Of?

The figure is made of PVC and ABS plastics.

When Will the Figure Be Available for Pre-Order and Shipping?

The figure has just gone up for pre-order on Bandai Japan’s website, and should start appearing for pre-order on other retailers soon. The figure is currently being offered for 6,840 yen (about $64.50), and is expected to ship January 2017.

Photos of the SHFiguarts Hawkeye Action Figure

Stay tuned, and we’ll update the page with additional pre-order links for North American retailers for the SHFiguarts Hawkeye action figure as soon as they become available.

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