New Marvel Legends Reveals!

Just yesterday Hasbro held their last Marvel Legends live stream of the year and revealed a number of figures most of them from X-Men. They definitely ended the year with a bang with many of the reveals as most of these figures look fantastic!

Here’s a list of the reveals:

  • Uncanny X-Men 275 3-pack Gambit, Banchee, and Psylocke Classic Yellow-Blue Team Deco
  • Uncanny X-Men 275 3-pack Storm, Forge, and Jubilee Classic Yellow-Blue Team Deco
  • Uncanny X-Men The Blob pinless arms and legs alt head sculpt and hands
  • X-Men Outback Rogue
  • X-Men 5-PK recap
  • Spring Retailer Exclusives
  • Digital Render Walmart Kraven
  • Fan Channel PS4-5 Gamerverse Spider-Man
  • Kid Omega
  • Fang
  • Chamber Jonothon Starsmore
  • Monet St. Croix
  • Corsair Christopher Summers
  • Cyclops
  • Emma Frost

I know that Hasbro has been hinting at some Marvel Legends X-Men 3 packs for some time based on their looks in the training outfits. We have seen some of the figures with Banshee, Gambit, and Storm. Now we can see all the figures with all their accessories and they do look amazing. Especially Banshee and Psylocke.

Overall the two-three packs look fantastic, though I do have one gripe with them, they are Amazon store exclusives, and if you’re a Marvel Legends fan in the UK you know how difficult it is to get many of the Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends figures of late and in some cases, you can’t find the listings let alone know when they’ll be available to pre-order in the UK.

The new The Blob figure has been hinted at for some time and Hasbro has now officially revealed him, I know that it’s been a long time since Hasbro made a The Blob figure. He does look particularly larger than most Marvel Legends figures. They’ve done a great job showcasing his massive size without making it too grotesque. Fans will be very happy to hear that he’s a fan channel exclusive.

The Outback Rogue looks incredible and I really do love the new head sculpt on her with the big hair. My complaint with this figure is the same with the three-packs it will be an Amazon exclusive and will be very difficult to get hold of here in the UK unless Indemand Toys or someone else gets some imports in.

The other reveals were just reveals as no pre-order information was released for them except expect them to be released sometime in Spring 2023.

I am very excited about most of these figures, especially the Gamerverse Spider-Man PS4/PS5 game figure which looks to be on a brand-new body and comes with plenty of accessories. As I missed out on the original release I’ll definitely be after this one and I hope he’s not too hard to get hold of. For Spider-Man there is Animated Series Kraven The Hunter. The other reveals were X-Men related and I was familiar with some of the characters and not so much with some of the others.

The only X-Men characters from the reveals that I recognize are Corsair Christopher Summers, Cyclops, and Emma Frost. I really like the designs of all these characters and they do really look unique. I don’t see the problem with Emma Frost’s head sculpt as it suits her very well as she’s meant to be cold. She looks very beautiful and icey. Hopefully we’ll know more about these figures soon as I would love to get most of these.

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