New Marvel Legends Reveals

In the last week, Hasbro put two new Marvel Legends products up for pre-order. The first product is the Avengers 60th Anniversary Hawkeye & Sky-Cycle set and the newer one is a Guardians of The Galaxy two-pack of Drax The Destroyer & Moondragon.

I was very impressed when I first saw the Hawkeye & Sky-Cycle set when it was revealed and I was very excited for it and now I’m even more impressed seeing it in hand. Hawkeye has a very classic look to him and I know that many fans including myself are very excited about it. We haven’t seen a classic Hawkeye in the Marvel Legends line for a long time and the sculpt looks fantastic the paint job looks very clean and I love the head sculpt. The use of soft goods is fantastic so he can ride the cycle and it doesn’t look out of place at all. I really love that he gets a separate arrow and that he comes with interchangeable hands.

Then yesterday Hasbro revealed the Marvel Legends Guardians of The Galaxy two-pack which consists of Drax The Destroyer & Moondragon which are based on their very classic looks to fit in with Yondu, Star-Lord & Ronan which they have recently released. I was really impressed with this two-pack. To be honest I don’t know all that much about the original Guardians of The Galaxy but I’m familiar with their costumes. Both of these figures really do stand out and look very impressive and I am really surprised by how big Drax is, I love the paint job on his head sculpts. Moondragon looks very impressive as well, their costumes look very classic.

I should also note that I am very happy to see more comic book Guardians of The Galaxy figures as we have been starved of them for some years and I hope we’ll see more Guardians of the Galaxy figures from the comics and their different looks over the years in the Marvel Legends line. The Hawkeye & Sky Cycle set is a fan channel exclusive and is available at many retailers and will ship later this summer. Whereas the Guardians of The Galaxy two-pack is a Hasbro Pulse exclusive and will ship sometime in September/October.

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