New Marvel Legends Reveals

Earlier this week, Hasbro showed off some brand new Marvel Legends figures, one being a classic Yondu which will be a Target exclusive, and a fan channel exclusive containing two Squadron Supreme members Hyperion & Doctor Spectrum members.

It looks like the Classic Guardians of The Galaxy figures will be store exclusives, which is annoying for collectors having to go to different stores to get the team members. I do really like the look of him and that he comes with an individual arrow which is really cool.

The Squadron Supreme two-pack figures look fantastic I really like the new Hyperion figure which looks very classic and the Doctor Spectrum. I remember reading a comic book in the early 2000s featuring these two characters in these exact costumes and I can’t remember which one but I remember these two characters very vividly.

These figures will be available to pre-order this spring.

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