New Marvel Legends Pre-Orders!

This week Hasbro held another Livestream event revealing & teasing new Marvel Legends releases! Firstly they revealed the next wave of Avengers figures which looks to be a very good wave. In this wave, you get Speedball, US Agent, Iron Man 70, Blue Marvel, Quake/Mariah Hill, Thor Herald of Galactus, and Madame Hydra. I really love the look of most of these figures especially Madame Hydra, Blue Marvel, Speedball, and Iron Man 70.

They look absolutely fantastic and the design of Thor is great, I really love the Blue Marvel head sculpt by Paul Harding it looks amazing! I don’t know anything about the BAF The Controller but I really like the head sculpt to him. For long-time collectors, a lot of these figures are a must-have. It should be noted that these figures are available to pre-order now.

Speaking of pre-orders another figure that is available to pre-order now is Rhino who is being re-released on the Spider-Man The Animated Series retro card and he looks terrific I really love the new head sculpt for him by Paul Harding which looks incredible. This figure is a must-have for me as I have missed out on all the previous releases.

Hasbro also revealed the next figure in their X-Men The Animated Series VHS Box Wave and it’s no other than Storm she looks amazing, she looks just how she did in the cartoon and the new head looks absolutely fantastic. She will be a Pulse and Disney Store exclusive. They also showed the Future Foundation Stealth Suit Spider-Man, which will undoubtedly be part of some upcoming Spider-Man wave. They also revealed that the Build A Figure for the next Disney+Wave which will be Infinity Ultron who was the main villain of the What If? series. I am very excited to see what other figures will be in this wave…

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