New Lego Avengers: Age of Ultron set pics

lego age of ultron avengers sets

Brand spanking new images of Lego’s upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron sets have hit the internets. In typical rollout fashion, the new Marvel Superheroes wave will feature 5 sets, in varying price points. There’s new box art and set pics for Iron Man v Ultron (76029), Avengers Hydra Showdown (76030), The Hulkbuster Smash (76031), The Avengers Quinjet City Chase (76032) and Attack on Avengers Tower (76038).

The smaller sets seem to follow the Lego “smaller set formula” (a couple of minifigs, vehicles, etc) and the Avengers Quinjet City Chase set looks like an updated version of the Avengers Aerial Battle (6869). That being said, the sets to get for this wave are definitely going to be the Hulkbuster Smash, and the Attack on Avengers Tower.

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Price and availability information to follow.

By Nick Lenihan

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