New Images of the NECA Back To The Future 85′ Ultimate Hazmat Suit Doc Brown.

Just earlier this week NECA revealed a small gallery showcasing the upcoming Back To the Future 85′ Ultimate Hazmat Suit Doc Brown. They originally revealed the sculpt of this figure not that long and so to see a painted version of it just a few short months afterward is remarkable. I was really looking forward to this figure as we hadn’t had a version of Doc from the start of the original film. We have had a 55′ Doc from the first film and a 2015 Doc from Part II.

Again the likeness to Christopher Lloyd on both headsculpts is uncanny it looks exactly like him, I don’t know how they do it but it’s amazing and I am forever impressed. I really love the smart and confident head sculpt. Also, the sculpt for the rest of the figure is outstanding I love all the little details of the pens in his breast pocket with the notebook and clip as well as all the assorted tools on his tool belt.

The accessories are great too I love the Delorean controller, a revolver, a clipboard as well as a pair of interchangeable hands with Hazmat gloves on to deal with the Plutonium! The only accessories that are missing are the Plutonium and Einstein but I am sure they will come in the accessory pack that we’ll be getting next year.

Surprisingly this figure is already up for pre-order here in the UK, even though we don’t have the 2015 version available here yet which I’m also very keen to get! This figure is scheduled to be released in the spring of next year and I hope we get some more Back To The Future reveals soon!

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