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New Glam Shots Revealed of International Exclusive Vintage Collection Wave

This International Exclusive Wave Looks Fantastic.

Hasbro has revealed some glam shots of their International Exclusive Vintage Collection Wave. I should mention that these figures won’t be available in the US as these figures were originally hard to find outside the US.

The wave consists of Echo Base Han Solo, Hoth Princess Leia Organa, Endor Luke, and Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader. As you can see Han, Leia and Luke have the face printing tech used on them and I have to say they look absolutely fantastic!

Though sadly they haven’t updated the leg articulation which you can see on Han and Leia as you can see the swivel in the hips. If your wondering why the helmet looks a little higher than it should be is because it’s removable.

No release date has been specified yet though I’m sure they’ll be released pretty soon. Of course, I’ll love to pick these up!



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