New G.I. Joe Classified Series Pre-Orders.

Last weekend Hasbro revealed several new products for some of their biggest lines including the G.I. Joe Classified Series figures. During 1027 and MCM 2023, they revealed three new products for the Classified line which were:

  • Clutch & VAMP
  • Deluxe Metal Head
  • Junkyard & Mutt

All of these figures have been revealed with render scans during previous live streams/events. I do recall the Mutt & Junkyard was shown off during SDCC earlier this year. I know that a lot of fans have been looking forward to these figures going up for pre-order for some time. I have to say I have been impressed with the reveals since I first saw the scans and I have to say they look even better in these galleries and they showcase these figures very well.

They revealed Clutch & VAMP during 1027 which looked incredible, I was in awe with how many accessories the set comes with how well-detailed VAMP is, and how the figures fit inside it. The VAMP looks incredibly well detailed inside with a steering wheel, gear stick, and all the monitors in the dashboard. The big cannon at the back looks fantastic as well. You get plenty of accessories with two removable helmets for Clutch as well as some weapons and a number of tools and parts for VAMP. This set costs around £100 here in the UK which is very reasonable and is about the same price as the Black Series Snowspeeder which was also a two-man vehicle.

Another recent render reveal was the Deluxe Metal Head and he looked very interesting and unique. I really like the unique weapons he comes with and the firing effects for them. I really love the ornate helmet that he comes with. Confusingly there’s another version of Metal Head which they revealed in a name reveal section recently. I’m not sure what that version would look like, but I’m very curious to see what it looks like.

They first revealed Mutt & Junkyard a long while ago with the name drop a long number of months ago. Then it was shown off at SDCC earlier this year and it looked incredible. I know that Mutt & Junkyard are classic characters in G.I. Joe and I’m very happy that they have been given the deluxe treatment with a lot of accessories. Like with the Timber figures you get an alternate head for Junkyard. I really love the command hands for Mutt which gives you plenty of options and I love all the weapons as well, especially the nightstick which is a unique weapon for Mutt.

The figures are scheduled to be released early next year.

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